Title: An Inconvenient Marriage
Author: A.K. MacBride
Genre: Billionaire Romance
Trope: Arranged Marriage
Release Date: May 25, 2023


He wanted revenge but found her instead.

Revenge is finally within reach when the man I ache to ruin offers his daughter for marriage.
A woman who stands for everything I despise but, in a strange twist of fate, turns out to be nothing like the ugly rumors surrounding her.

Her warm smile and kind heart chip at the walls I so dutifully erected around my heart.
And as they crumble to the ground piece by miserable piece, secrets from our pasts emerge and threaten to destroy us.

The right thing would be to walk away, to let go of my need for revenge. But I can't.
I won't.

Even if it means destroying her–destroying us–in the end.

**An Inconvenient Marriage has previously been published in 2018. And although the core of the story remains the same, a lot has changed. With almost 30k added to the initial story, readers both old and new can jump in and enjoy the tension-filled ride Zach and Natalie take to their happily ever after.



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Introducing A.K. MacBride, whose pen flows with love, passion, and longing.

When she's not busy crafting captivating love stories, you can find her indulging in her two guilty pleasures - a freshly brewed cup of coffee and a decadent piece of dark chocolate.

Hailing from a quaint small town in South Africa, she finds inspiration in the charming beauty of her surroundings and the warmth of her family. Speaking of family, she shares her cozy abode with her loving husband and adorable daughter—and don't forget the two lovable furbabies—who never fail to inspire her writing.

With her heart on her sleeve and her pen in hand, she weaves tales of heartbreak, forgiveness, and true love. Join her on a journey of passion, romance, and pure bliss, and experience love like never before.



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