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Forever With the Farmer's Daughter

By Michelle Rene


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After eight years of serving in the Army, Cameron Hutchinson is finally home. The lush green pastures and rolling hills of Alabama is a sight for sore eyes. So is the sight of Samantha Kincaid. The sweet young girl he remembers from high school is now a grown woman standing before him with tempting curves and beautiful sad brown eyes, that hold a secret.

Cameron Hutchinson was the last person Samantha expected to see when she pulled up to her best friend’s farm. Once the object of every girl’s desire, including hers, the handsome former high school football star has doubled in size since she saw him last. But that was years ago when he barely knew she existed. Judging by the way his hazel eyes sweep over her now, it's safe to say that’s no longer the case.

Now, with more in common than they realize, fate has led them both back to their hometown. Will Cameron find forever with the farmer’s daughter, or will the guilt and grief he and Samantha carry endanger their future together?

This book had everything that you could ever want. An unexpected friendship and love of drama. Cameron Hutchinson is returning from the Army after being gone for years. His soul has called him home and he plans to embrace it. For Cameron, he will have to get used to things back on the farm, but what he didn't count on was the beautiful neighbor Samantha Kincaid. Samantha loves the land and helping her family. She has done everything she can to make sure that her parents are at peace. When she sees Cam again after so many years their sparks will fly. But it was more than that it was the true meaning of helping farming neighbors and finding that once-in-a-lifetime kind of love when you weren't expecting it. Samantha has been through heartache and she's not sure she's ready yet to open her heart again. Will Cam be able to show her all the love she needs?

About Michelle Rene

Michelle Rene lives in the land of sunshine, also known as Florida. When not spending time with her family, you can find her writing or cheering on the Florida Gators. Due to her one-click addiction, Michelle spends her downtime reading one of the many books on her Kindle.

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