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Sometimes the strongest cowboys are women! Stetson by Danielle Norman is NOW LIVE!!!

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The only thing fancy about London Kelly was her name. She was a jeans and boots kind of girl. Her perfume was the smell of hay. And her days were spent in the saddle. Except for a few bumps in the road she had a pretty good life. Until...
Her dad died. Now, she's left running the family cattle ranch and horse stables. The sexy sheriff has decided that he wants more than a one night stand. And her employees believe that she has no business running a ranch.
Sometimes the strongest cowboys aren't boys... They're women.


I totally understood where London Kelly came from. I grew up on a ranch/farm and did what needed to be done when asked. I loved the outside and being with the animals.  For London Kelly it is her whole world, but when her dad died she does whatever it takes to keep the ranch going. However some outside forces are trying to mess with her and make her feel like she's loosing it. What she never imagined with the Sheriff there to hold her up. Even if he drives her bat shit crazy. Find out who is behind wanting her out and if she will allow the Sheriff to help or if she will rope him off her ranch? 

About Danielle
Before becoming a romance writer, Danielle was a body double for Heidi Klum and a backup singer for Adele. Now, she spends her days trying to play keep away from Theo James, who won't stop calling her or asking her out. And all of this happens before she wakes up and faces reality where in fact she is a 50-something mom with grown kids. She's been married longer than Theo's been alive, and she now gets her kicks riding a Harley. As far as her body, she can thank Ben & Jerry's for that, as well as gravity and vodka. But she says that she could never be Adele's backup since she never stops saying the F-word long enough to actually sing. Danielle writes about kickass women with even better shoes and the men that try to tame them (silly, silly men).


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