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I ran away from Los Angeles to escape a crazy, obsessed fan.

But when I came back home, I never fathomed everyone would hate me for no other reason than me just being myself.

Then I met Vinny and Trey, my brother’s friends who are also members of the Devil Souls MC.

One single night, that’s all it took for my life to change.

Two men, one of me.

I’d finally found the missing pieces of my heart, and in two guys that would undoubtedly die to protect me.

Unfortunately for me, running away didn’t mean I’d escape. Crazy people are everywhere.

And then, he knocked on my door.

Once more, everything changed...


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Vinny kisses me so tenderly and it touches a special part of my heart I think is reserved for him. He kisses my forehead in a final touch before I am handed off to Trey who kisses me with the same amount of passion. 

“You are the best thing to happen to both of us, baby,” Trey tells me as he breaks the kiss.

Tears fill my eyes. This is the best moment of my life; their words and the contentment in my heart that I have never felt before. I just met them, but it's like I have always known them. Both of them wrap their arms around me and each other as we stand together, enjoying the moment.

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LeAnn Ashers is a blogger-turned-author who spends her days reading and writing. She released her debut novel early 2016, and can't wait to see where this adventure continues to take her. LeAnn enjoys writing about strong-minded females and swoon-worthy, protective alpha males who love their women unconditionally.


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