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 “We’re looking for someone with a little more experience.” 

It’s the same everywhere I turn. No one wants a woman in the pit. 
What they don’t understand is, I was practically born with a wrench in my hand. My five brothers all drivers, and my father a retired pit crew manager, taught me everything I know. 
Snagging a coveted spot on Kye—THE HOTTEST GUY IN RACING—Kingston’s crew will be the chance I need to show everyone what I’m capable of.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but you need her.” 
There were more qualified applicants sure, but my manager was right Berkleigh Shaw just might be the motivation that Kingston Racing needs to win. 
She’s a spitfire covered in grease. And from the moment she stumbled into my arms the day we first met, I knew she’d be the added fuel to my flame. Both on and off the track.


When the finish line is in sight, LOVE is the only thing that will earn us the checkered flag.
TL Mayhew’s Qualify is an emotionally driven, sexy, contemporary romance written in K. Bromberg’s Driven World.

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Meet TL Mayhew

I'm a Contemporary and Dark Romance writer from Nebraska.

I have a son in college and one that says he's never going to college. I also have a cat who thinks its a dog and two dogs that actually are dogs.

My love for reading started back in elementary school when my favorite books, The Black Stallion, Black Beauty and Misty of Chincoteague all seemed to have one theme...a horse as the leading character. It's fair to say that since then my reading tastes have changed and now, instead of a horse as the leading character it's a hot alpha. 

It wasn't until I married and had two kids, that I put any thought in to writing. Even then it was close to a year before any words were put on paper. And now, I have two self published books. 

Please feel free to peruse my site, familiarize yourself with my books and maybe learn more about my personal existence. 

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