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She is his past. He is her future.

Since childhood, Quinn has been surrounded by three great guys: a best friend, an ex, and the one she holds forbidden feelings for. She knows they will go to any lengths to avenge her. After all, who better to have at your side than a Devil? 

But what will happen when her darkest secret is finally revealed? 

For what she wants, she cannot have. What she desires, she cannot take. And what she loves, she lost the right to claim. It's too late for her battered heart, because she knows without a shadow of a doubt that Gray Santo doesn't believe in second chances. 

Gray took Quinn's presence in his life for granted. After all, she's always been there. He believed she was the one girl he could always have—until she chose another. Although almost two years have passed since she walked away from him, he will do anything to help Quinn get retribution for a grievous wrong. 


Tired of living in his twin brother's shadow and after being cast aside for his cousin, Gray isn't interested in coming in last place again. The days of looking back are over. 

Or so he thought. 

Quinn’s making it impossible for him to ignore her. She needs Gray to remember he once loved her. Because this time around, the stakes are too high for him to forget.

The odds are against them, but the only way to win…is to play the game.

Three guys, three girls, one game. The Devils are back. Are you ready? 





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 I heard her approach before she knew, that I knew, she was there. “Stalking?” I asked as I opened the car door. 

“You’re going to do something stupid.” 

In the dark of the evening, I watched the streetlight illuminate her face. She was so fucking beautiful; I felt a surge of anger as I looked her over. Her legs were long and slender, her stomach flat because she kept herself fit and toned. Her tits were shown off nicely under that sweater, but the scarf covered the slender column of her throat, which was a pity. I remembered only too well how good my hand looked wrapped around it. Her straight white teeth pulled at her lower lip in uncertainty as she looked at me with wide eyes. Eyes the color of dark chocolate, the expensive kind that ruined you for all other chocolate.

 “Am I?” 

“I told Jett to tell you all to stop. I told you to stop.” Her eyes dropped to her boots. “Why do you never listen to me?”

“It’s not all about you, Queeny.” 




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Eve L. Mitchell is a USA Today Bestselling author who writes contemporary romance and urban fantasy. 

 Being an avid reader from a young age, Eve still considers herself to be a reader first. She believes there is nothing better than getting that new book either on your e-reader or in your hands, and the fact she may bring that excitement to a fellow reader, fills her with wonder. She writes under a pen name because otherwise her Secret Agent status will be revoked. 

 Eve lives in the North East of Scotland, with her three coffee machines and her significant other, Mr. M. She enjoys NFL Football, music and having long conversations with the voices in her head, which sometimes turn into the stories she writes.


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