Ruining Him Release


Title: Ruining Him
Series: McKinley Ranch Duet #2
Author: Kylie Kent
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: August 31, 2021


⚠⚠⚠This Book contains scenes and discussions of non-consensual sexual acts, profanity, sexual content and violence. If any of these are triggers for you, you should consider skipping this read. This is book 2 in a 2 part duet, expect NO cliffhanger.⚠⚠⚠


Emily came crashing back into my life, bringing with her everything I was missing.
But she’s not the same girl I knew years ago. Gone is the girl who was always happy and eager to please everyone. The one who didn’t let life get her down.
She’s conquered her demons but they still haunt her whenever she closes her eyes. Her screams tear through the darkness night after night.
She thinks she needs to get away, to keep running. To leave me behind.
But I won’t lose her again; I will slay anything, anyone, who thinks they can get in the way of my keeping her.


I wasn’t meant to let myself get attached to Josh again. I wasn’t meant to stay this long.
Now he knows my biggest secret; he knows I’m not the sweet girl he thinks I am.
I’m being chased, hunted down like prey.
But I won’t let my past mistakes hurt Josh.
I need to leave before he finds me.
Leaving Josh behind is not going to be as easy as I thought it would be, but it’s my only option. I’ll do whatever it is I have to do to protect him, even if that means I have to Ruin Him.


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I feel nauseous. My body erupts in a cold sweat, causing me to shiver. Oh God, I’m going to be sick. Rushing to the loo, I crouch down over it. Can my life get any more miserable right now? Tears stream down my cheeks as my stomach rejects every bit of liquor I’ve consumed tonight. My whole body shakes as I sob into the porcelain bowl.
Josh is right behind me, rubbing his hand up and down my back, holding my hair away from my face and whispering how everything is going to be all right. He’s wrong. How is it going to be all right? How can we ever be okay? We’re both fucked up. Josh and I are two very messed up wrongs. They say two wrongs do not make a right. If that’s true, then why does being his feel so damn right?
“Emmy, babe, it’s going to be okay. We are going to be okay. We have to be.”
“Josh, what’s wrong with me?” I ask him.
“Em, you’re in shock. It’s okay. That… I shouldn’t have done that in front of you. I will never forgive myself for that. I’m sorry, so fucking sorry.”
“That’s the thing, Josh. I should care. I should be running right now. Except I don’t care. I don’t care that I just watched you… you… I don’t care about that. I should care, but I don’t. That’s not normal. Love shouldn’t be so blind. We shouldn’t be okay with this.”
“Emily, look at me.” The fact that he called me Emily makes my head snap right up. He rarely calls me Emily. It’s always Emmy or Em.
“There is nothing wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with us. What we have, it’s so much more than love, Emily. What we have, the connection we share, it’s unbreakable. It always has been. We have something people spend their whole lives wishing to find. The stuff Hallmark wished they could capture in a card. What we have, whatever it is, it’s beautiful. It’s extraordinary. Immeasurable. It’s unfailing.”
Josh kisses the top of my head and lifts me up to my feet. He unzips my dress, slowly pulling it down my body. He bends over and unclips my shoes, removing one at a time before dragging my panties down my legs.
I capture my reflection in the mirror. My hair stained with blood from Josh’s hands. My eyes red. My face blotchy. And all I can think is: I’ve looked worse.



Free in Kindle Unlimited


Kylie made the leap from kindergarten teacher to romance author in 2020. She is now living out her dream to deliver sexy, always and forever romances. She loves a happily ever after story with tons of steam.
Her recipe for a great romance includes, one dose of a happily ever after, a dash of suspense, a good splash of steam and a pinch of humour.
Kylie currently resides in Perth, Australia with her family. Kylie is a strong believer in insta-love, always love and finding your happily ever after. Kylie found her forever love twenty years ago, the journey she’s been on with him has led to three children and an endless reel of memories.
Kylie loves to hear from her readers, you can reach her at



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