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Since abandoning her family, Charlie Evanston has faithfully served in the mansion but when Avery Beckett is ousted from the family and stripped of his status, she resigns in solidarity. Confronting his true reality for the first time in years, Avery sees Charlie in a different light as he struggles to assimilate the terrifying gift he's been cursed with. When the past and present collide, will the clan’s future be left hanging in the balance? Readers who enjoy opposites attract romances will devour Fallen Dragon by Bree Westland, a steamy fated mates romance. Blurb Avery Beckett couldn’t have fallen any further, even if he’d dug his own grave. Well, maybe technically he could have. Ousted from the family mansion, stripped of his status. Cast out in utter disgrace. That about covers it. His ruin almost complete. Years of trauma surge to the forefront, leaving Avery no choice but to deal with the terrifying gift he’s been cursed with but had buried deep. The clan needs his unique brand of talents. Trouble is he’s no good for anyone else, least of all himself in his current state. Charlie Evanston has faithfully served in the mansion since abandoning her home in the ranks of the fae ten years ago, but resigns in solidarity with Avery. And when it’s as if he’s seeing her for the very first time, she won’t miss out on this chance. Meanwhile, the past and present collide, the clan’s future at a crossroads dependent on Avery’s next move. But his dragon, held at bay for so long, has other ideas involving the pretty fae, who’s dealing with her own heartache. And he’s playing for keeps. *Readers can expect healthy doses of hot shifters, naughty language, and sexy times with a fated mate, all wrapped up in a happily ever after. Can be read as a standalone romance but best enjoyed in the order written.

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Copyright 2023 @Bree Westland

A low whine reached into her thoughts. “There you are,” Charlie announced through a sigh, training her eyes on the dog. “What is it, buddy?” Typically he’d leap on her legs, eager to play and receive any belly scratches she had to offer. Thor caught her eye, barked, then darted toward the back of the house and the large window that he loved to look out of during the day. “Okay, you want me to see something?” Trailing Thor, Charlie glanced ahead. Wait... Was that Avery? By the time she reached the window, she had no doubt. Neither did Thor. Paws on the window, he stared from Charlie to Avery and back again, like she should do something. She’d been privy to similar scenes many times before. Most likely Thor hadn’t, and his animal instincts were on high alert. Reason enough for Avery to keep him locked inside. The backyard was spacious, a little over two acres. The property must have been chosen for this area right here. For sure it wasn’t the lush accommodations inside. The abundant land, surrounded by tall pine trees, allowed for some privacy and plenty of room to shift and take to the sky. From his position close to the tree line, Avery had his back turned, waiting on something. What? Sometimes the change took him quickly, sometimes over the course of many minutes, usually not much longer. An idea sparked, and she maneuvered forward for a better look. If she was right about this, Avery and his dragon would scent her immediately. After that, what would happen next, she wasn’t quite sure, but she couldn’t wait to find out. Keeping an eye on Avery, Charlie slid out the back door, careful to keep an agitated Thor inside. “Sorry. For your own good, little guy.” As she leaned against the door, Avery made a slow, purposeful turn, sniffing the air. He faced her, legs splayed, arms crossed against his chest, his pecs bulging against the seams of the fabric constraining him. His gaze homed in on her, and he let out a low growl. Mate... Mine... Taking a step forward, then another, the change overtook him. Gods, he was beautiful. In two long, powerful strides, his legs and arms thickened, with claws forming where his hands and legs had been. His spine extended; his face elongated into a long graceful neck. Then finally dark black scales snapped into place all along his majestic newly formed body. She shuddered. Avery... With that one scorching glance he’d made her feel…his. Now a beast, he continued his trek toward Charlie in a slow, lumbering, ground-shaking gait. It hadn’t occurred to her to be frightened. She’d witnessed Avery’s dragon form before, often in fact, just not in such a personal setting and not with the official status bestowed as his mate. Although, quickly thinking this through, hadn’t that always been the case? Her heart raced in anticipation as she quivered within the power of his transformation. The beast got within about two meters and lurched to a stop, canting his head, as if questioning her presence there. “Avery…” she whispered.

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About Bree Westland

Hi, I’m Bree! Paranormal romance writer and lover of all things fantasy. I write steamy shifter romances with growly alpha men and the strong women who love them. Most days you can find me tucked away in my office, lost in the worlds and characters I create, listening while they tell me their stories. When not writing, you can catch me curled up with a hot cup of tea and my ever-growing TBR pile. I call home the sunny beaches of Jacksonville, Florida, but I love traveling as long as I can take my laptop with me! Follow: Facebook | Website | TikTok | Pinterest | Goodreads | BookBub | Newsletter | Amazon

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