VIKING Release


Title: Viking
Series: Valhalla Rising MC #1
Author: Andi Rhodes
Genres: MC/Paranormal Romance
Tropes: Soulmates/Reincarnation
Release Date: September 22, 2023


Humans are taught that death is the end, that it’s their soul’s final curtain call. But for the members of Valhalla Rising MC, death is only the beginning.

I never asked to be one of the chosen, never dreamed a place like Valhalla existed. Yet that’s exactly where I ended up when a Valkyrie plucked me from obscurity. I’m respected here, celebrated as a fallen warrior, but none of it lessens my vicious need for revenge or fills the hollow parts of me.

As president of Valhalla Rising MC, it’s my job to make sure the Warrior Code of Conduct is adhered to, and that Odin’s orders are carried out. But that becomes infinitely more difficult when I’m sent back to the land of the living for a mission that puts me in direct contact with a Legacy. And then there’s the matter of the beautiful woman my soul seems to recognize.

I know I can complete my mission, but I’m not as convinced I’ll be able to do it without breaking all the rules.

As a doctoral candidate in mythological studies, I’m doing my thesis on Valhalla. I’ve always been obsessed with tales and legends that get passed down through the generations. I love my life, my little corner of the world I’ve carved out for myself. So much so that I’m immersed in history to the point that I’m oblivious to the danger lurking in the present.

When my space is invaded by a man who insists that I’ve got things all wrong, my existence shifts into something unrecognizable. Where there was once order and understanding, there’s now chaos and uncertainty. And I don’t hate it… because he’s there.

I know he has rules to follow, but will they hinder his ability to keep me safe? Or will he break them for me… for us?



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Releasing December 7



Andi Rhodes is an author whose passion is creating romance from chaos in all her books! She writes MC (motorcycle club) romance with a generous helping of suspense and doesn’t shy away from the more difficult topics. Her books can be triggering for some so consider yourself warned. Andi also ensures each book ends with the couple getting their HEA! Most importantly, Andi is living her real-life HEA with her husband and their boxers.

For the most up-to-date information on releases, preorders, signings, and all things Andi Rhodes, visit her website at



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