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-THEO SOLOMON- Talia Newman is a goddess who has curves any man would go crazy for. She's sassy, sexy and smart. She's also a pain my ass... I want her to warm my bed and share my life forever—but the minx is too stubborn to bend to my will. When my past comes back to haunt me, my integrity and our relationship are sorely tested. For once in my life, I fear that I may lose the most important thing to me. I'll do whatever it takes to protect what's mine and punish those who threaten it…
*In order to get the full sexy experience, reading the first book is highly recommended*
    Excerpt: (subject to edit) I unzip my trousers, my underwear and socks following after, and dump them next to my discarded shirt. After rolling my shoulders back, easing the stiffness that has started to settle, I lean down and press a kiss on her forehead. Again, I wait. She’s either going to wake up and scream profanities at me or if I try to get into bed without her realizing, she could kick me on the balls. Both of which have happened before. A twitch in my jaw reminds me of that one night she threw a right hook, which prompted me to see my dentist the next day. Talia’s eyes flutter open, and I smile at her. “Theo,” she says in a sleepy voice. “Hey, baby.” Only then do I slip in bed with her, sliding my hand over her soft curves and burying my nose in her hair. My whole body aches but her warmth soothes me. “Sorry I made you wait.” She snuggles closer to me. “It’s okay. I took it out on your vintage collection.” “I saw,” I tell her with a smile against her neck. What I really want to say is what’s mine is hers. But from early on, I’ve discovered Talia doesn’t want any talk of that kind. She continues to assert her independence, even though moving in with me makes perfect sense. Talia continues to argue otherwise. “Is it morning?” “Yes.” I continue to explore her under the sheets and nearly lose my mind when I reach heaven on earth. And it’s bare. I stroke over her sex; she moans. “I like this,” I whisper low and gruff in her ear as I circle her clit with my thumb. I’m hard and ready. Judging by the wetness between her thighs, so is she. “I thought you’d like it.” She nips at my lips while she lifts her back and pushes into my hand. I spread her slick heat over her folds and devour her mouth in a deep kiss as I plunge one finger inside. I want nothing more than to fill her with my cock, but it’s been quite a while since we’ve made love and I fear that as soon as I’m balls deep in her, it will be over too soon. She bucks when I add another finger. “I missed you.” Talia’s lips curve into a smile and her eyes light up. “Me too.” She moans again as I thrust my fingers faster. I kiss along her neck, whispering against her smooth skin as I make my way down that I’ve missed every part of her. All of her. Her fingers curl over my shoulders, pushing me, guiding me, urging me for more. Each of my movements cause me pain and I groan, which she takes as a noise of appreciation. Any other time it would be. But I’m a man with a mission, and hell will have to freeze over before I let this moment pass us by. I must have her now, taste her on my tongue. Fuck her until she rolls her eyes back and her toes are numb from pleasure. I push the sheets aside and groan again. Except this time, it is one of blinding lust. Her pussy, pink, bare, wet waits for me. “Have mercy,” I mutter under my breath. My dick hardens even more at the beautiful sight. I’ll take Talia any way, any how, but that bare pussy is my fucking kryptonite. Before I can delve in, her phone beeps on the table next to the bed. Talia’s knee nearly misses my face when she moves up. “Oh sorry.” “Don’t answer it, babe,” I beg. Everything is on pause. “Let me just check who it is. It might be Anya waking me up. We’re supposed to meet today.” “Talia,” I warn her, deepening my voice. My eyes narrowing at her. The minx just bites down her lip then smiles wide as she reaches for her phone. “You asked for it.” I nudge her thighs back on the bed, spreading her legs and pressing them down with my shoulders as I settle between them.
Author Bio:
Quinn is a writer of romance bestsellers, according to her parents. However, they’ve never read her dirty books. Her stories are full of humor, sass, drama or angst. But guaranteed, they are filled with steamy scenes with hot Alpha heroes.
She has a healthy obsession with reading and writing romance, and an unhealthy addiction to red wine, bourbon, and dark chocolate with sea salt. She doesn't people until after coffee. When Quinn is not scribbling Erotic Romances, she loves to curl up with her puppy and watch foreign films.
Quinn lives in a house that never stays clean, no matter how much she wishes it would. She also writes sweet, contemporary romance, romantic comedy, and chick lit under a different pen name.


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