Twice Release Blitz

Release Blitz
Title: Twice
Author: Vivian Lux
Release Date: February 15, 2017
I've been in love with my best friend's sister for as long as I can remember.
Her green eyes and soft body are driving me crazy.
She's back home for only a week, and I have to have her.
Even if it means I have to share her.
May the best man win, Cal said.
Clearly, I'm the best man here. Harper should see that.
But we agree to leave it up to her.
Then she says she can't choose.
And I realize I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make her mine.
Including make her....ours.
Fuck, how long had I been dreaming about kissing her? In my mind, it had been perfect, composed, a fucking sonnet in kiss-form, but the reality was desperate, anxious and full of aching need. I'd waited what - a decade now? - to kiss this woman and I crammed all that pent up longing into it like I'd never have the chance again. I growled into her mouth, needing more, but at the same time needing to hold back because more than anything, I needed this to last
Cal was already kissing down her neck, brushing away the strap to her sparkling dress and letting it fall down so that the round, creamy top of her breast was exposed. I pulled back and looked down to see that he already had her nipple in his mouth and I sucked in the air through my teeth. "Is it as good as I thought it would be?" I asked.
Cal pulled back and licked his lips, looking up at Harper who was open mouthed, her eyes heavy-lidded. "Oh it's even better," Cal said.
I wrinkled my nose, then pulled down the strap of her dress to expose her other breast. "My turn," I growled greedily.
God her breasts were just…perfect. High and sweet, with these little rosy nipples the same shade as her pretty pink lips. “These are just the prettiest shade of pink,” I told Harper, who bit her lip. I caught her gaze. “In fact, I think they’re the same pink as your lips. Do you have any other parts of you that are pink like this?”
Her lip curled into a sideways grin. “I…might…”
“Well I’m going to conduct a very thorough examination, just to make sure.”
“You’re such a goofball.”
I bent and tweaked her nipple between my teeth, the lightest little nip, just enough to make her gasp. Then I grabbed a fistful of her ass and pulled her close to me, letting her feel how hard I was. “I assure you, I am not goofing around right now. I’ve never been so serious in my life.” She bit her lip, eyes shining and gave a slight nod, and I fucking came undone again, kissing her hard before bending my lips to that perfect breast again.
As I brushed my lips up to that pearly tip, curling my tongue around it before taking it in my mouth, Cal moved around back of her. I heard the slip of metal teeth, and she shimmied a little to let her dress fall down over her hips. I stepped back and groaned to finally be able to brush my hand over her smooth, flat stomach. Cal was already on his knees, sliding her dress all the way down, but I'm a greedy motherfucker, so I put my hand between her legs first.
She yelped as a slid my finger against those soft folds, and rocked back on her heels. Cal stood up, catching her against his body as she sagged into my touch, already arching her hips against my hand in a frantic rhythm. I looked up and saw Cal watching as my fingers danced along her slit, which incidentally was a slightly darker shade of pink after all. "Is that as good as I thought it would be?” Cal growled, echoing me.
I grinned and looked up at Harper. "It's even better," I told her.
Vivian Lux loves bad boys who are good men. She lives in Upstate New York with her adorable twin boys and model-hot husband. When she isn't writing, she's reading. If she isn't reading, she'd like to be hiking but is more likely dealing with the mountain of laundry that piled up while she was writing and reading.
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