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Title: Because of the Dark
Series: The Dark Series #4
Author: Danah Logan
Genre: New Adult Contemporary
Romantic Suspense
Release Date: February 15, 2022


The dark didn't end with the light. He lost his future. She fights to survive. More secrets, more betrayal, and a love that was meant to fail before it even began.

My name is Weston, but my friends call me Wes.
Though, I don't have many left.
Two years ago, I lost my dream. My future.

My best friend's sister stumbled across a secret she had no idea existed—her secret.
Friendships were betrayed. Unexpected alliances were formed.
My loyalty was tested, but I blindly stood by their side.

What I didn't realize was that following them into the dark would cost me everything. My friends. My scholarship.

I was driven by anger and resentment toward the people I had once trusted with my life.

Until I met her: King.

My name is Kingsley Monroe.
At least, that's the name I go by these days.
I didn't plan this. I wasn't supposed to stay. Keep moving, he ordered. Then, one fateful afternoon changed the course of my future. I ran into him: Weston Sheats—literally.

I stayed in the shadows for over a year. Eventually, my need for him to notice me made me step out of the dark. I wanted him to see me once. I swore I wouldn't let him get close, I would not get attached. I failed.
I fell—hard.

An unexpected turn of events was the wake-up call I needed. I had to tell him, come clean. But would he accept my past? Who I am, and what I did?
Realizing there was no future, I did what I was supposed to do months ago…and I took the one thing with me that could've made a difference for both of us.

** Author's note:
Because of the Dark (BOTD) is the fourth book in The Dark Series.
While BOTD features Wes's story and is considered an INTERCONNECTED standalone, this book builds on the events in the previous three books. It is highly recommended to read the entire series to get the full experience.
Please be aware that if read as an interconnected standalone (prior to the previous books in the series), BOTD will contain SPOILERS about the plot in the other books.
Wes's story within The Dark Series is set two years after the last chapter in Of Light and Dark (Book Three).

This series is intended for MATURE (18+) readers. BOTD is a dark, new adult, contemporary, suspense romance. It is labeled dark due to the themes that may be considered TRIGGERS for some. Reader discretion is advised.



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Her covers slip down, and without thinking, I lean down to place a kiss on her belly. Straightening back up, I notice the shift in King's position.
"You okay, Princess?" I narrow my eyes at her.
"Mm-hmm." She avoids my gaze.
I place my hand on her blanket-covered legs, about to ask once more, when she shifts again, and her cheeks turn crimson. What the—? "What is going on with you?"
She whips her head in my direction and blurts, "I'm fucking horny, okay?"
Whoa, what?
My dick responds before my brain can catch up with her words, pressing against the fly of my jeans.
"You're horny?" I repeat slowly—I have to make sure I didn't misunderstand.
She covers her face with her hands. "Yes."
Apparently, I'm an idiot, because my response is, "But we wanted to take it slow."
Her hands land in her lap. "I know, but I can't help it. Ever since I saw you last week, it's all I can think about when you're around." She sounds as embarrassed as she does confident.
My ego drinks up her words. "Only when I'm around?" What the fuck am I saying?
She purses her lips. "Yes, Sheats. You're the only one who gets me wet. Happy?" She scoffs the last word.
My eyebrows shoot up. Is that a challenge to find out? I push my hand under the covers and between her legs. "How wet, Princess?"
King's eyes droop, and when I reach her core, I discover two things. "God, you're dripping. And where the hell is your underwear?"
"Is that really what you're concerned about?" Her question is breathy, and I can't help myself as I slip two fingers between her warm folds.
"Oh, God." She throws her head back into the pillow and arches her back. I groan at the visual she presents. So fucking hot. My cock is painfully hard, and all I want is to sink deep inside of her.


OMG - ALL THE YES!! This book had every single thing I needed in my life right now. I haven't read anything written by Danah Logan before but I will definitely be picking up the rest of her books ASAP. Because Of The Dark is book four in her Dark series but can 100% be read as a stand alone too. [..] I loved the spark between Wes and King. Unraveling their love story was something that will give you all the feelings. [...] After just reading one book by Danah Logan it's safe to say she is now an author on my must read list! ~ Goodreads Review by Jennifer from @jennsbookvibes

Wes is back and he's all grown up. This book was deliciously sexy and in typical Danah Logan fashion--there are twists and turns and heart-thumping suspense. The chemistry between Wes and King was off the charts and the emotion that Danah brought to the page caused my heart to ache and my eyes to glisten. [...] ~ Author S.J. Sylvis

I knew I would 5 star this book when I wasn't even 30% of the way in!!! That's how amazingly good the sexy chemistry was between Wes and King. There's so much drama, suspense, and unresolved history, but the HEA on the other side was well worth the fight. Also, add in their entertaining friends with their own hidden issues, and I was hooked. [...] ~ Goodreads Review



Free in Kindle Unlimited


Free in Kindle Unlimited


Free in Kindle Unlimited


Born and raised in Germany, Danah moved to the U.S. and eventually traded downtown Chicago’s city life for the northern Rockies.

From a young age, she has always had “voices” in her head. She wrote short stories in high school; however, she eventually stopped as life got busier.

Talking about said “voices,” one day, a friend suggested giving it another try--even if it was just for the fun of it. Until that point, her focus was on raising her two-year-old twins, and she had never thought about writing again. But, she dug through old backup CDs (yes, people still have those) and found the original version of one of her short stories.

About forty thousand words in, she realized there is no way to tell it in just one book, and that’s when her first book series was born.

With many more plots in her head, this writing gig has become Danah’s passion, and she spends every free minute in front of her laptop, letting the voices out.



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