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Release Date: February 25


My fiancé, CEO of our company, is offering me everything on a silver plate – family, love, security. 
Things I’ve missed all my life.

My heart almost catapults out of my body whenever I realize how perfectly Zander has filled the empty hole in my heart.

He turned his life upside down for me.

He calls me by my name. A word he dreaded all his life.

He moved to Cherrywood for me, because this is the only place where I feel like home.

Now he’s patiently waiting for me to say three words: I am ready.
But I’m not.

Marrying Zander and starting the family he wants would mean placing my trust in fate, believing that I’m truly safe… that my children would be truly safe.

He’s promising me the future of my dreams, but how can I let go of the past?

Loving Rose is the second and final book in Rose and Zander’s story.

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This is book 2 in the series DO NOT READ UNTIL YOU HAVE READ BOOK 1. Rose and Zander fell in love when everything was against them. Rose is a hermit of sorts and has had a past that just breaks your heart. But Zander opened her petals and they fell in love. Now engaged Zander just wants to get Rose to the alter. Rose is glad that Zander is being patient, but they both have issues and their communication is non-existent. Can these two get past all the issues and heartache they have had with their pasts? This book just gets you in the feels and leaves you wanting more of this beautiful couple.

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Meet Vikki Jay 

In those early morning hours when I’m alone, my imaginations run wild and I pen down the life of people living in my head. I live in a small town in Germany. The friendships, the camaraderie that people share around me inspired me to create Cherrywood and St. Peppers, the two towns where all my stories take place. 

I write about beautiful coincidences, finding love in unexpected places and times, and fighting hard to get that happily ever after.

I reject to read, see, write anything that does not promise a HEA. 

My characters are sexy yet shy, strong yet reserved…

I am married to a man whom I fell in love at an age of 15, proposed him at an age of 23 and married at an age of 30. He has no clue what I write or do when he snoring quietly in the next room.

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