VANISHED Collection Release


Collection: VANISHED
Week 2 Authors: Rebecca Gallo, Matilda Martel, Layne Daniels, Alana Winters, S.E. Isaac, and M.K Moore
Genre: Mafia Romance Novellas

February 27, 2022 - Vanished in Vegas by S.E Isaac
February 28, 2022 - Vanished in Newark by M.K Moore

Captivated by their captives, these Mafia Bosses only answer to the women they love. Dangerous bad boys, thrilling suspense and passion worth dying for. These possessive men will break all the rules to claim the women who have stolen their hearts. If you love boundary-pushing men who are sexy, scintillating and seriously dangerous, this is the series for you.

My path to becoming the most powerful man in Northeast Ohio runs through Lucia Giordano.

The only obstacle? She's about to be sold to the highest bidder.

When her father shows up on my doorstep, begging for help, I agree on one condition.

Finders keepers.

The moment I set eyes on Lucia, I know she's mine.

I'll do anything to protect her.

Even if that means waging war against an unexpected enemy.

Massimo's daughter is missing and he begs Alskey to help him get her back. when Alskey finds out who has his daughter he will do whatever he can to get her back. He won't however be giving her back to her father. After seeing Lucia for the first time he knows that she will be his forever. Now he just has to conquer everyone standing in his way. Will he be able to keep her?

Everyone thinks I'm a good daughter. For eighteen years, I've played the part, swallowed my anger, and kept silent. My parents believe I'm crazy enough to marry that madman, Divo Talerico. They're mistaken.
Behind the scenes, I've made plans, saved every penny, and prayed everything will fall into place. The night before my wedding, I make my escape and finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Then he appears. My father's greatest rival, the wolf of Manhattan, Enzo Lupo, comes out of the shadows and kidnaps me.
He says he loves me but keeps me a captive in his gilded cage. He's beautiful, ruthless and his kisses make me feel things I've never felt before. But I won't run from one prison into another. I'll bide my time, make him trust me, and run again.
No cage can hold me.

Manhattan is mine. In this city's underworld, everyone kneels to me. I've worked hard to build my reputation with bullets and blood, and yet, it's never enough. Everywhere I look, people want to take what's mine. I've devoted my life to building what my father started and keeping the power we've rightfully won. I spend so much time protecting my territory, I've given up the things we Sicilians cherish most, family.
My life is too dangerous to drag a good woman into my world, and I vowed long ago I wouldn't show weakness to anyone.
Or so I thought.
No one is more off-limits than Gala Lombardo. She's too young and meant for another man. But I can't help myself. Those big blue eyes, sharp curves, and full cherry lips were placed in this world for me, and I'll be damned if I let another man take what belongs to me.
In a moment of love and lunacy, I steal her away in the night and trigger a war that could ruin me for good. Bring it on. I'll destroy my enemies and make Gala the Queen of Manhattan. With her by my side, I'll rule the world.
If only she'd love me.

Loved Gala and her personality. She's so strong and powerful in her own right. She has done everything that her parents have wanted but marrying someone she doesn't want to be with can possibly be her breaking point. When Gala makes her move to leave it all behind one man is about to stop her plans. Enzo Lupo is a man to be feared and he will show everyone how powerful he really is. Enzo's world is about to be shaken up by Gala and these two will have a powerful story. Can he keep her in his world when all Gala wants is to be free?

She humiliated my kid brother, and that’s not allowed. Doesn’t matter that she’s just a college girl, or that half the time he’s such a little punk he probably deserved it. He is an Aslanov, as am I. This city, and everything of value within it, belongs to our family. To me.

I am Marat Antonovich Aslanov, firstborn of Anton Aslanov. Nothing has ever mattered more than showing the world I am even stronger than the man who fathered me and twice as ruthless in protecting what is ours. At least, that was what matters before Sage Peterson.

Finding her is easy. Taking her is simple. Allowing her to leave isn’t going to happen.


Marat Antonovich Aslanov does not take kindly to someone humiliating his brother or his world no matter who it is. And he's about to show this girl who did both whose boss. However, what he didn't expect is her fire and how she has no qualms putting him in his place as well. Sage Peterson is saucy and I freaking loved her. She doesn't care who she offends, but when Marat confronts her she thinks maybe she went too far. But she know that she was protecting herself. What she doesn't realize is that he's about to make her his and she won't have a say in it. Her mouth though may get her more than she bargained for.

I’ve always liked to play with fire. Now it’s playing with me. Stella has kindled my dark heart, ignited my desires and set my world ablaze.

Before my life could even begin, it almost went up in flames.
Smoke alarms saved our lives.
The sound put my mother into labor.
The fire forged a powerful force in me.
I find resolve in its embers.
My enemies find their selves scorched by it.
It has never consumed me…not until I met its infernal match—Stella.

The red-hot firestorm that has me burning for more.

Ignazio knows what it's like to be in the fire. He fights for his family and for power. He knows that protecting his family at all costs is what is important. When Stella comes into his life he knows he's about to be burned in more than one way. These two have such a passionate love that it will leave you hot and bothered. Can they keep up the passion with all that is going on?

Sofia Romano has just been flown to Las Vegas via her father’s orders. She protested and demanded to stay in New York City; however, as always, her father won. Now, she’s stuck living with her grimy, sleazeball of an uncle-- Uncle Tino. The man she despises most but just like everything else in her life, she doesn’t have a say in the world.

Antonio Berlusconi owns Las Vegas. There isn’t a single thing that happens in his city that he doesn’t know about. That’s how he knows the rat, Tino Romano just had a special delivery. A niece. And she’s the perfect leverage to use against Tino by kidnapping her and making Tino sign over his rights to the biggest casino in Vegas. Simple enough. Right?

Just one problem, what do you do when the leverage is a green-eyed spitfire, who you crave like there’s no tomorrow and couldn’t harm a hair on her head even if you tried? You make her yours at any and all cost.

I think this one might have been my favorite. Sophia and her sisters are so strong and know what their lives are supposed to be like. When shooting at a wedding happens the sisters are split up and Sophia is sent to Vegas. The problem she will not make it to her destination. Antonio Berlusconi owns Vegas and when a rival tries to take what is his well he's about to put some payback into action. However, when the cards fall and he takes Sophia he doesn't realize that his life just turned into more. He has wanted her for a while and couldn't stop thinking about her. Now she's a part of his life and she's about to show him what a queen is really about. 

Sean O’Brien
I took her because I had to have her. After meeting her by chance, I followed her until I could take her. It may have been wrong but I don’t care. She’s mine and she’ll love me, or else. When someone tries to take her away from me, I’ll burn the world down to get her back.

Lorielle Benefiel
I don’t know where I am, but I know this isn’t going to be good. I can hear things, things that scare me but I refuse to show my fear. Then he shows himself to me and I can’t help what I feel in my heart and between my thighs. I didn’t expect to fall for my captor but I did. Some say it’s Stockholm Syndrome, but they don’t know us. Then it happens again, I must be a magnet or something, but I know Sean will find me no matter what.

Captivated by their captives, these made men only answer to the women they love.
Dangerous bad boys, thrilling suspense, and passion worth dying for.
These possessive men will break all the rules to claim the women who have stolen their hearts.
If you love boundary-pushing men who are sexy, scintillating, and seriously dangerous, this is the series for you.




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