Title: The Devil Tainted Us
Author: Shanjida Nusrath Ali
Genre: Gothic Age Gap Romance
Release Date: February 15, 2022


Mery Heights has been known for its myth of being cursed by God because of the uncountable sins the island carried. But sin is like a shadow inked with the darkness in Magdalene asylum.

When an innocent soul like Agatha is brought to this living hell, she is pushed into the fire of torture, guilt and shame. But she is determined to find her door to freedom and the key was one of the priests of the Magdalene who is no less than a sinner.

The longer Agatha is held captive the more she is drowning into the darkness of the island. But even in the depths she feels an undeniable connection and attraction to Eryx, who can't resist the beautiful and alluring angel.

But soon secrets are revealed, pasts dig their way out of the graves, endangering their lives. A journey of betrayal, guilt, love and passion with an angel and a sinner fighting for what they yearn before they are tainted by the devil.

Warning: The book contains intense sex scenes, drug abuse, physical abuse, suicidal scenes, sexual abuse, violence, religious references and explicit language. Readers discretion is advised.



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I open my mouth to scream for help but that chance is taken away by those same pair of hands as it clasps over my lips. I thrash against his hold when suddenly another man comes in and holds my legs, helping my captor.
The man in front of me wears a black coverall with his face being hidden by the white vendetta mask. We reach the dock side, where a boat behind the ship catches my sight. Another man in the same attire is already waiting as the men throw me to him. He catches me and I take that chance to scream at the top of my lungs for help. It is ear-piercing even to me and I almost plan to jump out of the boat to swim away.
“Help! Help me! Someone!” I scream.
The boat trembles when the one who held my arms jumps on it and grasps my jaw. Pulling out a huge, shiny knife he points the tip right at my throat.
My body turns still like a statue with fear clawing my nerves. His face is also hidden with the mask but yet I can feel his warmth close to my face.
“Done with screaming?” his muffled, gruff voice asks.
I remain silent.
He tilts his head sideways, digging the knife a bit more against my racing pulse. “One more word from that pretty little mouth and I’ll stab the blade right through your throat.”
The coldness and emptiness in his voice sent chills down my spine. It feels like it doesn't matter if I live or die before wherever he is taking me. He let go of my jaw before presenting his hand to the other man who passed him an injection.
The tears I have been holding back, leak from my eyes as the memories of being injected several times flash in front of me.
“Shedding tears won’t save you, little girl,” he mutters, bringing the needle close to my arms. My body starts to shiver from the cold and fear. Adrenaline rushing through my spine like never before.
He leans closer when I feel the light prickle of the needle against my skin as he presses the syringe. “The least you fight, the easier it will be for you. Trust me.”
Trust him? Trust a man who is holding my life like a loose thread?
Never. And yet, something about those last two words of his holds a promise.
A promise that I’m unaware of and still wanted to believe deep down. Soon that same feeling of my numbing nerves return. My eyes start to become drowsy and I know I'm going to hit my head on the boat’s plank as I will fall sideways, but I no longer have control over my body.


Shanjida Nusrath Ali is a 20 year old English major student by day and an aspiring independent author by night. Known for her mafia romance book, Cross My Heart, she loves to write about characters going through a dark and heartbreaking path to love with consequences at every turn and coming out stronger in time.



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