Olympic CROWN Release


Title: Olympic Crown
Series: Bellerive Royals #1
Author: W. Million
Genre: Contemporary Royal Romance
Release Date: February 16, 2022


Posey Jensen is a friend collector, boyfriend avoider, and thrill seeker. When someone posts in a group chat looking for a wedding date to Bermuda, Posey jumps on the chance to prove to a new friend that she’s the reigning queen of adventure. But even she’s not prepared for Brent Faulkner: Olympic swimmer, Northern University star, and the only guy she’s ever thirsted after.
Brent Faulkner has a +1 for his friend’s wedding he can’t fill—and zero desire for another relationship. He's married to his sport, and girlfriends are never happy mistresses. When he posts in Northern University's group chat seeking a seat filler, someone named Jensen replies, and Brent figures a bros weekend will be just what he needs.
Little does he know, Jensen is Posey Jensen, and she's diving into his life to change his priorities forever.



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When I’m near the pub, I shoot a message into the chat app to let him know I’m here. He messages back that he’s in a booth near the rear of the pub wearing a Northern University baseball cap. My heels click across the faux wooden floor on my way to the scattered tables and booths. In a far corner is a broad-shouldered man staring at his phone with a baseball cap concealing his face. I bet he’s one of those types that lives in the gym and stares at himself in the mirror.
A hint of a grin twists my lips as I approach. I cannot wait to see his face.
“BF?” I ask when I’m standing beside his table.
He glances up, and my heart stops. Holy fucking shit. Heat rushes through my body, followed by a jolt of ice cold.
It’s Brent Faulkner. My mouth drops open. He’s not the one who has been obsessively staring at his body. I am.
“Jensen?” He frowns and sits straighter in the booth.
“Brent Faulkner?” I’d recognize those golden-brown eyes, that angular face, and the jet-black hair anywhere.
“Your name is Jensen?”
“Posey. Posey Jensen.” I slide into the booth across from him. “You have a girlfriend.”
You’re supposed to be a dude.” His lips twist in distaste. “I said no drama. Does this situation seem drama-free to you?”
I cross my arms and slump into the booth. Of course my thirst-trap secret crush would turn out to be Mr. No-Drama-rama judgmental jerk face. It annoys me to no end that I can’t stop scanning his features and comparing them to the hundreds of photos I’ve drooled over.
“Okay, so technically I never told you I was a dude. You assumed, I guess, based on my name.”
“I would have been less shocked if Jensen Ackles showed up here.”
“Yeah, sure. You and Jensen, slaying demons in Bermuda.” I roll my eyes. “Total bros weekend.”


Releasing May 18



W. Million is a Watty Award winner whose contemporary romances about strong women and troubled men have captivated her loyal readers. She is the author of the romantic suspense series The Donaghey Brothers, the NA sports romance Saving Us, and the contemporary second chance romance, When Stars Fall.

When not writing, Wendy enjoys spending time in or around the water. She lives in Ontario, Canada with two beautiful daughters, two cute pooches, and one handsome husband (who is grateful she doesn’t need two of those).



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