What happens when you can no longer resist the irresistible?
Carina Lobos is a freshman in college. She’s beautiful, sexy, and absolutely irresistible to many. Jaxon Wright is a junior, captain of the rowing team, and can have any girl he wants. Their chemistry is undeniable and explosive.
When a sexual encounter goes viral, things spiral out of control. Carina's officially branded "Jaxon's best" as for a man-whore that's saying a lot.  Girls sneer at Carina while guys now see her as an easy lay.
As Carina attempts to push Jaxon out of her thoughts, the magnificent owner of Club 69, Valentino DeLuca captures her attention... but Jaxon won't be dissuaded.  While Valentino provides a sexy distraction, Jaxon's relentless pursuit finally wears her down and they tentatively begin a relationship.  Jaxon works to convince Carina that he's genuine and that he wants the relationship to work.  Although Jaxon is Mr. Wright he's all sorts of wrong for Carina. 
As great as Jaxon is in bed, Carina isn’t willing to give her heart. Can Jaxon prove to be too irresistible and ultimately win Carina’s heart, regardless of the competition?

Disclaimer:  This is not your typical love story.  Boy does not meet girl... Get in her pants... And everyone falls in love and lives happily -ever-after.  Consider this your more atypical love story with twists and turns throughout the journey including pit stops along the way... Side trips that allow for growth, development, and experimenting.  There will be some dabbling in F/M/F and M/F/M action... so sit tight, enjoy the ride, and hope everyone gets there changed but all in one piece.

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Senayda is an identical twin. That's right, sometimes people give her a second glance wondering if she's the person they know! She's never seen snow... Swears she'll live in Hawaii someday... And she intends to travel the world...
Senayda's had a long love affair with reading and writing. She loved to write short stories and poetry throughout her childhood. Now Senayda's moved onto novels.

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Option One Excerpt from Irresistible:

A commotion down the hall interrupted them. A large group gathered peering into one of the rooms, causing others to congregate.
"Shit" Andrea muttered. "Party might end soon if that's a fight."
Their small group shuffled toward the assembling crowd. Carina rolled her eyes knowing they were being sheep following the herd. At the entrance to the door Carina noticed most of Jaxon's entourage. Her internal radar screamed to stay away. Nothing good could come of this. She grabbed Desirae's arm and froze mid-step; they didn't need to get any closer. She didn't want or need to see what was behind door number three. The crowd pushed them forward causing one of Jaxon's sidekicks to notice her.
"This show's just for you sweetness." The guy sneered as he thrust Carina into the doorway. People complained as she blocked their view, completely frozen in place.
The room must've been what Desirae designated as one of the sex rooms. In the corner a couple was on the sofa going at it but with a throw cover concealing their dirty deed. Another couple was heavily making out while watching the room's occupants and getting their cheap thrills in that manner. But the main attraction was front and center and purposely performing for the room and all those gathered in the hallway.
Carina wasn't surprised to see him. He was proud of every magnificent centimeter of his well sculpted body. Bile rose in her throat. She was nothing more than another notch on his bedpost. She knew this. She'd heard it from plenty of girls. But watching him at this moment, performing for everyone caused mixed emotions. She choked on disgust while trying to ignore her body's immediate response to his gloriously naked body. She was revolted with herself for feeling anything at all.
Jaxon aggressively pursued Carina even after he'd bedded her. He'd whispered sweet nothings in her ear before, during, and after sex. Many girls felt fortunate to get a semblance of his attention. The "specially chosen ones" got to share more than one sexcapade with him.
Carina had lost count how many times they'd had sex. What could she say? The man was gifted. But to watch him bending this girl over and thrusting into her like a dog in heat was too much. He knew everyone was watching and it only aroused him all the more. The ignorant girl look mortified to be in the presence of an audience but simultaneously in ecstasy at having Jaxon's dick inside her.
It was abhorrent to know what was happening but she couldn't tear her eyes away. Jaxon's sidekick caressed her arm. Carina flinched and curled away from him. He wasn't deterred though. The sidekick loudly proclaimed, "Too bad it's not you performing sweetness. Jaxon said you're the best pussy he's ever had... and that's saying a lot."
A few guys snickered. Carina turned her head to the asshole; all she saw was red. The group in the hallway all gaped at her but she didn't give a shit. She should've been humiliated, instead she was furious. He'd purposely brought her front and center. Not only to see Jaxon at his finest but to make them all aware that she was one of his conquests. Carina could see Desirae from the corner of her eye fighting to get through the crowd.
She backhanded the asshole. She may be one of Jaxon's notches but she sure as hell would never have allowed this. She knew the difference between being promiscuous and being a stupid skank.
"Fuck" Jaxon hissed as he realized who stood in the doorway. He pulled out of the girl and shoved her aside. Carina turned to look at him. She looked down at his glorious erection. He unconsciously held it in his hand and stroked back and forth as he stared at her. His eyes hooded with lust as he stepped toward her. He hadn't looked like that while banging the girl.
"Carina" he pleaded in a husky voice. She turned in disgust and stepped away from the doorway as the crowd gasped.
"You came for her?" The girl in the room shrieked. Carina turned to see Jaxon still watching her. His seed sprayed all over the floor and onto his hands. He had no condom on. The bile rose faster. She'd used rubbers with him practically every time knowing that he'd had his fair share of pussies. Thoughts of STD's pummeled at her like a freight train reminding her that it served her right if she caught something. Someone like Jaxon just couldn't help himself. Here he was at a party, guaranteed to find someone fuck-worthy and rather than bring a rubber he just stuck it in. Disgusting!
"You couldn't get the job done" Jaxon growled at the poor girl. She looked utterly humiliated.
Desirae yoked Carina away from everyone. They could still hear them. She didn't know if Jaxon even bothered to put his pants on. He was well endowed and was proud to show it off.
"You fucking prick" Jaxon bellowed. His sidekick said something in return but the crowd's chants drowned out his words. Carina flinched as she heard the contact. Knowing the hierarchy in the group, Jaxon must've hit the lackey. Served him right too. Only if someone would kick Jaxon in the balls then maybe there'd be justice in the world.
Someone shouted at the group to separate. They all scattered like roaches while Desirae escorted Carina outside. Nauseous, Carina ran to the bushes and dry heaved. She couldn't believe what had just happened.

Option Two Excerpt from Irresistible:

"Valentino, Marco... I perform a number that the girls want to partake in also. We need all the men to sit in chairs, facing the same direction, separated about two feet apart. Let's get about three or four rows of guys and ensure that there is plenty of room around them. Does the DJ have the instrumental or karaoke version of Alicia Key's Unthinkable?"
"What do you have planned" Marco narrowed his eyes, asking the question Valentino hadn't voiced.
"Gentlemen ensure the song is ready. Have a seat and enjoy yourselves. Valentino, know that Carina is merely performing so no need to go Neanderthal or anything. You get to take her home anyways." Desirae confidently stated.
"Presumptuous aren't we" Melissa scoffed.
"No, Carina is the only one going home with me" Valentino clarified. The group got uncomfortably silent as they recalled Halloween night. It had all began with Sati and Carina.
"Well then" Marco said. He looked at the silent group. The awkward tension quickly dissipated. Marco headed to the booth. He made the announcement to the men as the DJ prepared the music. The girls huddled together and planned who would cover what section and row. They wanted to ensure that all the men got some loving.
Certain guys were moved from one section to another based on the girls' areas and preference. Beatriz made sure the bouncer was in hers while Desire ensured the bartender was with her.
"Notice how Carina ensured that Valentino was in her section" Melissa pouted.
"Notice how Chelsea ensured Jaxon was in her section" Desirae cattily mocked the duo. Andrea cut them off as the girls headed to their designated dance area.
"I'm sure these ladies need no introduction" the DJ teased as he played the music. The crowd cheered with excitement and anticipation. The girls watched as Carina slowly strutted to the tempo of the music. She held a microphone in her hand and sang the lyrics as she approached the first guy in her group.
Carina leaned forward and caressed the guy's cheek. She recognized him as one of the bartenders. His eyes darted side-to-side knowing that it was the boss' girl who was fondling him.
Before he could jump ship, she sat in his lap with her back to him. She leaned back and grabbed his neck with her hand as she sang the chorus. The roar of approval gave the girls courage to be more hands-on with their men. She gracefully removed herself before he forgot himself and got touchy.
Carina stood behind the next guy in her group and leaned over. Her breasts brushed against the back of his head as she stroked his muscular chest. The guy was another bouncer in the club; she hadn't interacted with him much. His physical reaction to her was glaringly obvious. Spectators gawked as he shifted in his seat and placed his hands over the bulge in his pants.
She continued singing as she heard Desirae call out to Andrea. She pointed out Carina and the over-excited bouncer. The girls cheered with approval. Carina watched as Marco yanked someone out of her section and sat in his place. She didn't miss Valentino's scowl and tight jaw.
Singing the second verse, Carina straddled Marco but didn't move. She sang the lyrics as she ran her fingers down his face and leaned her breasts into his toned chest. Valentino's growl broke through as Marco realized where his hands were headed. Carina bit her lip as she stood and looked down. He too couldn't hide the way Carina affected him.
As she prepared to sing the hook she sashayed over to Valentino. She'd saved the best for last. It didn't escape her notice that Jaxon followed her every movement. Even when Chelsea was humping him and rubbing her breasts all over his face, Jaxon's gaze never left her...
She sat in Valentino's lap facing away from him. She felt him tense knowing that she'd just straddled his manager. She grabbed his hand and rubbed her body with it. The crowd cheered as they watched Valentino cup her breast while making its journey down to her thighs. She leaned back and allowed him to freely touch her as she sang. She then shifted and straddled his lap. This time Carina rocked her hips back and forth enjoying the surprised appreciation on Valentino's face. She sang into his neck and brushed her lips against his skin.
The room watched in mesmerized rapture. She tilted back while rocking her hips, showing off her breasts and neck as she finished the song. The spectators gave a standing ovation while the men remained seated, aroused and stunned.
Carina sat up, biting her lip as she looked at Valentino. His thick erection throbbed against her heated core. His eyes sparkled with amusement and appreciation. "That was amazing. I might have to go back on my word and take you to my office." He hoarsely whispered against her neck.
Carina giggled with delight. She attempted to get up but Valentino held her tightly against him.
"Uh-oh" Marco called out. "Boss man doesn't want to show everyone how much he appreciated the ladies' dance."
"Show it" the staff chanted. Desirae cackled with delight as Carina shrugged. Valentino shook his head standing up with Carina wrapped around his waist. The club cheered as he carried her to the corner booth.
"You're not moving until this goes down" he admonished.
Carina nibbled her lip. She peered between their joined bodies. "You know it won't go down unless I get away or we do something about it."


Well what can I say about this book but that I give it 4 stars. This book was very juicy full of sex, love, and lots of drama. Carina is a college student who try's to live her life without all the drama of college life. When she sleeps with the college man-whore she decides that it's time to post haste and book it out of there. But when that comes back to smack her in the face then at that time she has to hear rumors and try to deflect them. In the mean time she and her crazy friends go to a club owned by the hot Valentino to say they have chemistry is an understatement. This book is about the life of BDSM with M/F, M/F/M, and F/M/F action if you are squeamish don't read. You will love the sparks that fly in this book and won't regret it. 


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