Not many people know, that I, Eevie Lawson, have a problem. An addiction. To Romance novels. I eat them for breakfast. I hide it the best I can, but I need them. To breathe. It’s how I cope.
I have a swag of book boyfriends, but now I’m free of the responsibility of caring for my three younger brothers, it’s time to find one in the flesh.
In real life, no girl meets their hero on page one, or even chapter one. I should know.
My journey is real. It’s not perfect, and it sure as hell isn’t easy. But the fight for something worthwhile never is.


Not many people know that I, Eevie Lawson, have a problem. An addiction to romance novels. I eat them for breakfast. I hide it the best I can, but I need them to breathe. It’s how I cope.

I’ve had a swag of book boyfriends, but now that I’m free from the responsibility of caring for my three younger brothers, it’s time to find one in the flesh.

In real life, no girl meets their hero on page one, or even at the end of chapter one. I should know.

My journey is real. It’s not perfect, and it sure as hell isn’t easy—but the fight for something worthwhile never is.


I won't lie when I say I had my doubts about this book mainly because of the title, but like the saying always goes "Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover" this is so true and I loved this book.  Eevie is a doll and her kinky side has been hidden so well that no one really knows she's a tiger under her innocent person. Eevie had to give up a lot growing up and it seems like her bad luck will never change. After loosing her best friend Eevie has to find a way to move forward and be her own person. When she meets Aiden things are just not in the cards for them however after sometime they finally find themselves unattached. However can their passion be real or just sexual and can Aiden's love be strong enough to save Eevie from herself? I love this story and can't wait for more in the series about the other in the book. 

Get to know you interview – Jennifer Ryder

  1. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

About eighteen months ago. I’d always been a big reader, but never thought I would write. Inspiration struck, and I couldn’t stop once I started putting the words down. ‘Spark’ became an obsession, festering inside, characters taunting me in my sleep, until I got it out!

  1. How long does it take you to write a book?

Spark took about 8 months to finish, but I wasn’t writing every day (as I also work full-time). Once I got further into the book I got more serious about it. I went to workshops and did online courses, such as ‘how to write a convincing male character’, ‘writing sizzling sex scenes’ and ‘showing not telling’.
Other books in the series, I have been able to finish a first draft within 6 weeks. It’s the editing and polishing that then takes the time, as well as incorporating any changes as a result of beta reader feedback (which might I add, is invaluable!).

  1. What is your work schedule like when you're writing?

I also work full-time, so I manage to get in an hour in the morning, while the kids are having breakfast and arguing over lost shoes, and squeeze in a couple of hours at night when everyone is asleep. Weekends I can spend a bit more time with my writing, but it’s never for long stints (unless hubbie is away fishing!).
When I’m in writing mode, I try and aim for 1K or more words a day, but if I’m getting along with my characters, I can manage a lot more. It all depends! Some days I can barely manage a couple of hundred, but it’s better than no words at all.
  1. What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

Writing can be a lonely business, so I don’t know if the way I write is different to most people. I am happy to share with you something I find helpful. When doing the final edit, I find it easier to print out the MS. I grab a couple of different highlighters, and assign a colour to each character. I highlight each character’s dialogue and review one by one. It just makes sure that the way they speak is consistent, and not too similar to other characters. It also means I can give each character a few turns of phrase that only they use.

  1. How do you plan to publish? (self or publisher)

I plan to self-publish the Spark series, but I have other stand-alone books I’m working on which I may consider submitting to a publisher. At the moment, Indie publishing feels right for me. I’m surrounded by so many other supportive Indies, and with self-publishing I get more freedom.
  1. Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?

Personal experiences were a big source of inspiration for my first book, Spark, but anything can inspire me. After a girl’s weekend away in Melbourne recently, within a week I had a new book plotted out. It was an awesome weekend! A big day at the horse races, an Irish pub and shenanigans at night! Did I mention a sexy bar owner?
I also read a lot (at least 2 books a month), and have a few favourite TV shows. Right now I’m hooked on Chicago Fire, but my favourites are Revenge, Grey’s Anatomy and Arrow. And a warning to friends and family… I listen intently to everything you say! Where else do I get inspiration for my dialogue!

  1. When did you write your first book and how old were you?

That would be giving away my age! I started writing Spark eighteen months ago, and I’m in my dirty thirties!

  1. What do you like to do when you're not writing?

Read! My Amazon library is bursting with so many good books, and quite it helps motivate me in my writing. It also helps when I’m a bit burnt out. I’ve completed a couple of 50K in 30 day challenges (like NaNoWriMo), and they have been tough! After doing one of these, I have to take a break otherwise I’d go insane! This is where I take some time to relax, and nine times out of ten, turn to a good book.
Apart from reading, when we can we take the kids down the South Coast of New South Wales. Jervis Bay is a particular favourite spot. We also love to entertain, as we are big foodies!

  1. What does your family think of your writing?

My family are very supportive, although my mother understands that she may never read them! My seven year old daughter Ashlee is my biggest fan, telling anyone and everyone that I write books. It’s adorable, but she knows she has to wait until she’s eighteen to be able to read them!

  1. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

My own personal strength.
Writing is a mental (and physical) challenge, and giving up is SO easy. But when things get hard, you take a break, and come back and give it another go. Just finishing the draft of my first book was a huge accomplishment in itself. A lot of people start out, but never get to that point. The feeling of finishing it, was worth the late nights, tears and heartache! No really, I make it sound like it was torture, but it was just something I had to finish. I tend to be a person to start a hundred things and not follow through.

  1. How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?

Spark will be my first full length novel published, although I have written three in the series. They are all different, but I love them just the same.
I have had a short story published, having placed Third in the International Stringybark Erotic Short Fiction Award 2013. My story 'Heart Rate' is published in an anthology titled 'Valentine's Day'. I’m certainly attached to this story, as it was so flattering to have my writing recognised when I was only relatively new at it.
  1. Do you have any suggestions to help me become a better writer? If so, what are they?

Plan to write every day. Even if it’s only 100 words. I know it’s not always practical, but if you keep your head in the story every day, the words come easier, and of course, typing ‘the end’ on your MS happens that much quicker.
Another tip is not to self-edit when you’re writing your first draft. Even if you think your writing is complete drivel. The idea is to let the words flow while you have the inspiration, and not get bogged down with commas, and formatting, etc. That slows you down, when you’ll be editing down the track anyway. So gag and tie-up that inner editor until it’s time to edit! Then let her haver her way.
  1. Do you hear from your readers much? What kinds of things do they say?

I had a great response from the short story ‘Heart Rate’. Readers loved that I could tell a story with just 2,000 words, and also wet their appetites! It was certainly a challenge with such a small word count, and I love the story. Oh, the steamy things that happen behind closed doors in offices.

  1. Do you like to create books for adults?

Absolutely! I get a real kick out of people reading my work!
  1. What do you think makes a good story?

Relatable characters, a unique storyline and a good flowing writing style. I love a book that you can’t put down (the pacing is just right), and you don’t care that time passes by, because you are inside the book! This kind of book tends to give you a book hangover, but it’s worth it, every time.

  1. As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?

A hairdresser, a panel beater and a police officer. I really couldn’t make up my mind! As a child I did have a vivid imagination, which got me into plenty of trouble. I was good at telling stories!
 Interview with Aidan Stone
How did you come to love Motocross?
What country boy doesn’t love bikes and gettin’ dirty? I grew up on my Grandparent’s farm, and started riding when I was four. It’s an obsession I don’t think I’ll ever give up. You know how some people turn to books or gardening for solitude? Well, for me it’s bikes. Sometimes you need to escape from ordinary life. When I was a young kid, it kept me on the straight and narrow. You know, took my focus off other things.
So, is it the excitement? Danger? Fear?
All of it! Sometimes I scare the absolute shit out of myself, but like the boys and I say ‘Go hard or go home’. There’s no in between. I don’t do anything half-arsed.
This one from Claudia Juarez… how does it feel to have all that power between your legs?
*chuckles* We still talkin’ about bikes, right?
If we are talkin’ about bikes, it’s kinda hard to describe. It’s a helluva rush, I’ll tell you that much. It’s all about pushing the limit, my limits, and having that ultimate control over a bike to do things your average bloke would die tryin’. It’s not for pussies, let’s put it that way.
Sometimes I feel invincible, but I’ve had enough crashes over the years to ground me. I just ride a lot smarter now, and less like a crazy fucker. Chicks dig scars, so it’s a win win.
Bikes aside, Claudia, with power comes great responsibility *chuckles* Like I said before, I don’t do anything half-arsed. I know how to perform.
This one from Lila Rose, what size are your… tyres?
Really? My damn tyres? I’m thinking this Lila bird wants to know somethin’ else. I won’t bore you with the specs. So to satisfy Lila’s ‘question’, let’s say I wear a size 13 shoe. Just sayin’.
Sounds like these girls need some… attention.
Speaking of women, being in the spotlight, how do cope with them falling at your feet?
Huh! You say it like it happens every day of the week.
Doesn’t it?
No… *rubs finger over his chin*, not every day, but often enough. It’s the eyes, they tell me.
And how do you cope?
Early in my career, sure, I dabbled a little. I took the attention, lyin’ down. *Shrugs* What? I’m a man, but the kind of girls I was meeting on tour were never stayers. It was fun, for a bit, but it wasn’t my scene. Call me old-school, but I like havin’ a conversation with someone who has an idea of what’s goin’ on in the world. Someone who has big dreams. Someone who can make me laugh.
Nowadays, I let ‘em down gently. My mother raised me to be a gentleman. Times like those, it comes in handy.
But I tell you this, when it comes to women, it’s the ones that don’t throw themselves at you that get my attention.
You mean like Eevie?
*rubs back of neck, flashing a ten-volt smile* Yeah. Like Eevie.
What was it about Eevie that first caught your eye?
Where do I start? I’d helped her and her flatmate carry groceries up to her apartment, watching her sweet arse packaged in a pair of skinny jeans as I followed her up the stairs. If that wasn’t enough, she came out of her bedroom in this tight running gear, flashing me more skin than I was prepared for! I almost spat out a mouthful of my beer across her dining table as she did up her shoelaces. *shakes head* And if that wasn’t enough, not long after, I was out the front of her building talkin’ bikes with Rob, and she runs up to us all sweaty, listening to Metallica. A chick that listens to metal. That I was not expecting. When she told me should could ride a dirt bike, it was all I could do to hold myself back from leaning her long legs against the bonnet of my car and… *clears throat*
But it wasn’t just looks. Yeah, she’s beautiful, but I dunno, the way she looked at me, not breaking eye contact. She didn’t go all gaga and weak at the knees. She held herself confidently, and when she ran back into her building, for the first time in a long time, I wanted to chase a girl. But there were two pretty solid reasons why I couldn’t.
Girls don’t often surprise me, but Eevie did. It was the next time I saw her that sealed the deal.
Apart from Motocross, what do you do to earn a living?
I’m a qualified Cabinet Maker. I specialise in commercial joinery, you know, office fitouts, restaurants and stuff. Just another way I’m good with my hands *winks*.
My Grandpa was a carpenter, and growing up we built a lot of stuff together. I’m pretty lucky to earn a crust from something I love, and it helped fund my racing as a privateer.
And finally, do you have a favourite Motocross quote?
*Rubs chin* Mmm. There’s always plenty of bullshit talk around the track, but there’s a couple I like. “Gravity is for the weak” and “Resist the path of least resistance” are ones that hold true with me. Every now and then, to get some of the younger boys on tour pumped for a ride, I tell ‘em to “ride it like you stole it”.

Spark Playlist

1.       Enter Sandman, Metallica
2.       Yeah, Yeah, Yeah by Chris Brown
3.       Stronger, Kelly Clarkson
4.       Fighter, Christina Aguilera
5.       I will wait, Mumford & Sons
6.       One Crowded Hour, Taylor Henderson version
7.       Feel so close, Calvin Harris
8.       Feel the love, Rudimental
9.       Somebody that I used to know, Gotye
10.   Army of two, Olly Murs
11.   RIP, Rita Ora


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