Title: Destroyed
Series: Steel Country #2
Author: MJ Fields
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 29, 2017 Cover Model: Nathan Hainline Cover Designer: Jersey Girl & Co 
Beaten. Broken. Battered.
Garrett Falcon's past, present, and future are fragmented pieces of the life he once dreamed of. 
Deceits. Damned. Doomed.
Raised by a dealer and addict, Julianne Torres was born into a life she desperately dreamed to one day escape.
Two people who have lost hope. Two people who have been dealt blow by blow in their lives.
What happens when these two are forced together after years of lies that connected them but also kept them apart? Their hearts get ...

Obsessive Reading Disorder “Lots of heavy material in this one. Some violence. Super steamy s3x. And best of all, some great humor.”
Goodreads Review from Theresa “Destroyed is a true gem of a story and there aren't enough stars to give this story.”
Between The Lines Book Blog “Once again, MJ Fields brings to life an incredibly beautiful, emotional and heartfelt story that leaves you aching for more.”

Garrett's life has not been all it's cracked up to be. He has lived a life of not freedom, but his own personal jail. After being dragged back home it's time for him to grow up and be the man he was destined to be. But can his past outweigh his present when it comes to taking care of his family? When all the lies have been told, when all the heartache has been spilled, can Garrett move on. Garrett's character is strong and I loved how he took no BS from anyone. This book was just as good as Hammered and it will answer questions that we all had.

USA Today bestselling author MJ Fields write books that scorch pages and melt hearts.  
Her style is raw, gritty and authentic.
Love an alpha and a strong heroine? She does too.


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