FORMULA ONE Noel Release


Formula One Noel by Christina Braver is now live!

Just one night, becomes one more, becomes one more, becomes ... forever?
Dr. Nora Reynolds saves lives. It's what she does. It's all that matters.
Walker Hewitt wins Formula One races. It's what he does. It's all that matters.
She's on the verge of getting a grant to do the important research on women's health that is her passion, delaying her parent's dream of joining them to practice medicine in some of the world's neediest places.
He's on the verge of leaving the flashy career his billionaire parents are so proud of and finally heading home to the family ranch in Texas.
When a snowstorm strands the two strangers in Seattle, it's one night to set it all aside, the expectations, the pressure, the questions. One night to be someone other than a driven overachiever.
A blissful night of slow and consuming passion against the backdrop of magical holiday lights turns into another, and another. Sticking together, they make their way to small-town Perry Harbor to soak in the joys of the season and learn some sexy tips from a few surprisingly active seniors in town.
Now, he wants more with her, much more. He wants forever. Can she set aside the person she was supposed to be in order to become the person she wants to be, or was this just a formula for one incredible Noel?

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Nora is a doctor who dreams of becoming so much more and helping those who need it the most. She's trying to be what her parents want her to be but her dreams are full of passion and she will do what she can to prove who she really is. Walker is a Formula One racer whose career is at a standstill. He's ready for a change but not sure he can leave his racing life behind. When these two get stranded together their nights of passion will leave you wanting more. They both have hopes and dreams but neither of them really knows the importance of the other's career. When the truth comes out and they have to go their separate ways will Walker be able to let her walk away? What I like about this story is the support and love you could feel on the pages. The passion just jumped out of you at every turn. The struggles were real and so was their real life. 

Meet Christina Braver

Christina Braver writes steamy, small town, contemporary romance set in the Pacific Northwest. Her stories are about real people and real love with the guaranteed HEA we all need.
She's been reading romance for decades and loves to escape into stories about strong heroes with softer sides and independent heroines with a bit of sass.
She strives to support allyship in her writing and portray diversity in everyday life. She believes together, we will save the world.
When she isn't writing, Christina can be found reading in her favorite corner chair, sipping wine and laughing too loudly with friends, or cooking dinners that always take twice as long as the recipe suggests. She lives in Seattle with her husband who shares his bourbon, and two teenagers that keep them both on their toes.
And just like her favorite latte, her books have some steam. If that's not your regular brew, you may want to change your order. Enjoy!


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