Love in the Dark

LOVE in the DARK
A romance novel of a young woman who works for TARU, an elite unit within the NYPD. She suffers a traumatic experience that leads her across the country where she finds love and adventure.



This book is amazing. The suspense and writing are outstanding. The story leaves you wanting more! Please tell me there is a second part to this story?!?!?!!
Once you start reading the story you can't help but want to know more about the characters. The twist at the beginning had me hooked right away. Read the first few pages and you will be find yourself obsessed with this book! I dare you to read the first 5 pages and not want to keep going!” -PCTECH334
“I love this book! The detail the author used in describing scenes and situations really allowed me to become so fully engrossed in the book that I was upset when I completed it and wanted more. I could not recommend this book more. If you like suspense, romance, and little bit of erotica this is a must have. Also, who can resist a book when it's the female that saves the day.” –SHOE LOVER

Our Review:

Love in the dark ~ Isabel Pietri
Detective Millie Angeles is a NYPD detective who kept her personal life separate from her job. Millie is one bad-ass strong independent woman! When her partner and secret lover is killed Millie leaves the NYPD behind and decides to take a position at a private company handling the security for one of the biggest wineries on the West Coast. Next is Mr. Sexy, Adrian and even though he is blind he lets nothing stand in his way! He refuses to give in to his disability and embraces life to it fullest! Adrian is a successful wine maker and businessman that oozes sex, power and charm! Millie find herself going head to head with her new boss constantly!  Millie then finds herself in the one position she didn't want to be in, her personal and professional life cross patches she begins to question her choices she made!
As Millie and Adrain embark on their love affair, the dangers of their past come to a head threatening the lives of their families! See what happens with Millie and Adrian ...This book gives hot romance and twist and turns that keep you head stuck in the book until the end! This is an all night read for sure!


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