Title: The Tillman Crush
Author: Kelly Gendron
Genre: Steamy Contemporary New Adult Romance
Release Date: May 18, 2021


It took ten seconds to fall for her, one accident to lose her, and seven years to get back to her

Britt Tillman was a jerk.
Yet I was forced to tolerate him.
Our parents were best friends.
I'm not sure if I hated him or if I secretly wanted him.
Then Britt kissed me.
He growled when his mouth touched mine.
His lips were soft. His hold was firm.
The next day, he vanished.
After seven years, he's back with a sexy smile, flirty eyes, and jacked muscles.
Not that I care.
Let him slather on the charm.
I won't give in to The Tillman Crush.

Sadie Holland. Beautiful. Smart.
The untouchable girl next door.
Growing up, I wanted her.
To keep her at a safe distance, I was mean to her.
Then, the accident happened.
With my mom gone, my father turned to the bottle.
So I left town the first chance I got.
Now, I'm back and not just for Sadie.
The other thing I want.
Well, the girl I came back for might not like it.
Still, I won't stop until I get what I want.



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“No.” I snag my gun back from him. “It’s not loaded.”
“Good. I wouldn’t want my welcome home to be a shot in the ass from an old friend.”
Did he just refer to me as his friend?
“Yes, Sadie. Home.”
“So you plan on staying?”
“Like you’re going to live here? Up there, in your dad’s house, from now on? You’re not leaving?”
“I can’t tell if that’s dread, disbelief, or uncertainty in your voice.”
Pick one, or better yet, all of the above nearly falls from my mouth, but everything stops when he reaches out and pinches the end of my braid. Well, everything except whatever is going on between my legs.
Yeah, that still wants to run over and give him…a hug?
Which is strange, considering Britt Tillman wasn’t one of those guys who made me bat my eyes or twirl my hair. No. He made my blood boil and fists clench. He didn’t say much, but it was usually a one-liner that I had a hard time figuring out when he did. After all, he’s almost three years older than me. So, when comparing fifteen to almost eighteen, there’s a difference. I’d like to think now that I’m older that there’s less of an understanding gap.
He stares down at his fingers. “I thought you were done wearing braids when you turned fourteen?” His eyes lift to mine. “I always liked them on you.”
Alright, no misunderstanding there. That was a compliment. What the hell is going on? I’m not sure how to react.
“Okay!” I hold up my hands. “All I want to know is what you did with Britt Tillman.” I laugh but fall short when he pulls on my braid.
He draws me closer to him. His head bends, and his smile melts away.
His lips relax inches from mine.
His eyes darken.
“Look really close, Sadie.” He pauses long enough for me to take that look, and everything he ever made me feel, good and bad, floods through me. “He’s still in here.”
The night he left comes crashing into me. The growl he made when his mouth touched mine. The way his lips were soft and his hold was firm. I was sixteen. I’d kissed a boy before, but none like Britt. He frightened me, and he made me feel something new… something I’ve been looking for but haven’t found since that kiss.
“Yes.” I yank my hair from his fingers and arch back. “I can see that.” I run my hand over my braid.
He stands up straight and smiles, but it doesn’t reach his eyes. They remain dark and astute as though he knows what’s between my legs and that it wants to jump all over his ripped body.
Damn him! I’m not going back there. He confused me that night, and then he left!
“Well.” His head dips. “I’ll see you tomorrow then.”
“Yeah.” He grins. “Didn’t Caleb tell you? He invited me over for dinner.”
“Caleb knows you’re in town?”
He laughs. This time, the gesture lights up his eyes. “I’ll see ya, Sadie.”
“Yeah,” I watch him turn and walk toward his truck.
Wait until I see my brother! He could’ve warned me Britt Tillman was back!


USA Today Bestselling Author, Kelly Gendron is best found tucked away in a quiet suburb in upstate NY writing her steamy, blush producing contemporary romances. But, when she’s not creating HEA stories, you may find her at her day job with her nursing cap on a little sideways. If you Google Kelly, she’ll pop up there as well. And please google her. Kelly loves to hear from her readers and to meet new people!



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