A Bridal PARTY TO REMEMBER Anthology


Love is in the air at this destination wedding…

A Bridal Party to Remember: A Destination Wedding Anthology, an all-new must-read anthology filled with eight incredible short stories featuring some of your favorite authors is available now!

There’s something about weddings…

Love is in the air at this destination wedding, and Cupid’s arrow is pointed at the bridal party!
Hit the beach with eight of your favorite romance authors as they introduce you to A Bridal Party to Remember. This collection includes all new stories that are so hot, you’ll need a dip in the ocean to cool off.

Elle Christensen
Hope Ford
Hannah McBride
Bella Matthews
Kaci Rose
Frankie Love
CM Steele
Fiona Davenport

Fall in love today!
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Hunter & Skylar by Bella Matthews

With my mind made up, I swim back to shore and find Skye awake, digging her toes into the sand as the waves lap at her feet. Her creamy skin is a stark contrast to her bright-blue bikini that matches the ocean. Her strawberry-blonde hair catches in the light breeze blowing behind her, and she takes my breath away.
And I can’t miss the way her eyes light up when she sees me.
“Hey, you’re awake.” I shake my wet hair out like a dog and watch her squirm as droplets dance over her warm skin, then hold my hand out for her. “Wanna come in with me? The water’s perfect today.”
Skye plants her hands on her hips, looking every bit the cheerleader she once was. “You know I can’t swim, Hunt.”
Fuck it.
I lift her off her feet and carry her a few feet out.
“Oh my god. Put me down, Hunter. What the hell?” Her small fists pound against my shoulders, and from this position, my face is practically nestled between her perfectly plumped boobs being held by a thick blue tie around her neck and another behind her back.
“Okay, doc.” I lower her feet into the water but don’t let go. “I’ll put you down.”
She clings to my neck as soon as her feet touch the water. “No, wait . . . Don’t. Don’t put me down.” She wraps her legs around my waist as I move further into the ocean, refusing to loosen her grip even though I’m only waist-deep. I keep going until we’re deeper. Until the water covers both of us up to my chest, and I have to jump over a wave, getting Skye’s face wet. Making sure we’re deep enough so she can’t let go.
I keep one arm around her waist and push her wet hair away from her face.
“I’m going to kill you, Hunter,” she tells me with laughter lacing her voice.
“I’m going to kiss you, Skylar.”
She gasps, then her face transforms into a seductive smile as she runs a thumb along my cheek. “What are you waiting for?”
That. Permission. That was all I was waiting for.

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Elle Christensen
Hope Ford
Hannah McBride
Bella Matthews
Kaci Rose
Frankie Love
CM Steele
Fiona Davenport


This anthology was a fun read about love, hope, inspiration, and just looking at that one person and saying "I do".  I loved each of these stories and the couples who are trying not to lose their minds when planning a wedding, finding a dress, and all that is involved. The men in these stories just want their better halves to be happy and it shows so much. I didn't write individual reviews of these couples because when I tried to write them I kept giving spoilers and I don't want to ruin it. So pick up this book and read your favorite authors and fall in love. 


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