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Behind These Eyes 

A Slow Burn | Coming Out | College MM Romance


By Jen Samson

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"If this is a sin, then I’ll burn in hell for all eternity. I’ll never deny you, not in this life and not in the next."


When Chase Batton's wild ways land him six months away from failing to graduate from college, he is forced into a remedial program with the university's academic star, Jaxon Lee. Either that or answer to the heads of the third richest family in the world: his parents. The latter is no choice at all.

Jaxon is distant and cold, and unimpressed by Chase's social and economic rank. On the other hand, Chase couldn't be bothered by the opinions of the supposedly hottest gay guy on campus. He was, after all, a long way up the food chain, not to mention straight as an arrow on the bullseye.

But something happens during a vicious argument, and everything changes.

Chase is left reeling, and he soon learns that Jaxon is keeping secrets too...

** Behind These Eyes... is a loose, modern-day interpretation of Romeo and Juliet. It has some triggering content. Please use the Look Inside feature for a full list of trigger warnings. **

What to expect:

Steamy, slow-burn

Enemies to lovers

Gay awakening/Coming out

Interracial, college romance

About Jen Samson:

Jen Samson is a multi-genre reader, and author of Young Adult and New Adult romance. 

She's a hard BTS stan (Jimin biased) and lover of K-pop and K/C/T-dramas. 

She lives in Johannesburg, South Africa, with her husband who can build anything, three children who teach her about life more than she teaches them, and two Maltese poodles who think they are gods.

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