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 Author: Dahlia Donovan
Title: Crown Court Killer
Series: London Podcast Mystery, #3
Genre: M/M Cozy Mystery
Release Date: May 27, 2022
Cover Designer: BookSmith Design

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Months after saving their flamboyant theatre friend from disaster, Dannel Ortea and Osian Garey are back with a thrilling murder investigation in the third London Podcast Mystery series novel.

Dannel and Osian’s breakfast double date rapidly devolves into a murder mystery when a dead body is found in their solicitor friend’s car. Wayne is taken for questioning by police. He was last seen arguing with the deceased.

When Wayne’s tie is identified as the murder weapon, it’s hard to refute the growing evidence stacked against him.

Convinced of their friend’s innocence, Dannel and Osian throw themselves into the investigation. When Wayne’s boyfriend, Roland, finds himself suspended from the police, they realise powerful people are involved in the murder.

With a philandering crown court judge, two disgruntled wives, and an angry client as suspects, the clock is ticking for them to find the killer before Wayne winds up arrested—or dead.

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Since they’d both retired from emergency services, they’d focused on building their podcast and cosplay fabrication business. Osian hadn’t imagined a career other than as a paramedic. And yet, they were thriving.


Such a millennial word.

Yet, here we are, thriving.

Aside from the occasional murderer.

He did wonder if it might be easier and simpler to live in a quieter place. They’d have more time for building their businesses—maybe. Dannel might find life less stressful without the crowds and chaos of London. 


Osian was jerked out of his thoughts. He turned to find Dannel fighting with the knot on his trainer laces. “Do you ever wish we moved away from London? Live somewhere in the country, maybe?”

“No.” Dannel’s response was immediate and emphatic. “Leave London? I love it here. Why?”

“No reason.”

He gave his shoelaces one last frustrated yank. “Weird question to ask out of the blue. Is this a neurotypical thing?”

Osian went over to take the trainer out of Dannel’s hand. “How do you bungle up a knot this badly?”

“Just cut the laces. I’ve got a spare set somewhere,” Dannel grumbled impatiently. “Inside voice?”

“Close enough.” 

Over the years since Dannel’s official autism diagnosis, he’d learned to rely on others to help him not shout or whisper. He struggled to modulate his voice. Osian knew it greatly frustrated him.

Osian struggled with the knot before tossing the trainer back to Dannel. “Buggered those up, didn’t you? Have you superglued your laces?”

“Tired of the sodding things coming undone while I’m in the gym. I’ve only narrowly avoided tripping. These laces hate me. Grab the scissors, will you?”

After a bit of creative cursing and a quick snip, Dannel freed his trainers. He put in the new laces. Osian chuckled when he beamed the old ones into the bin with enough force to almost knock it over.

“You showed them.”

Dannel stood by the door and inhaled deeply, closing his eyes for several seconds. “Okay. Let’s get fuel for the rest of the day.”

“Is cake fuel?”

“It’s usually enough of a fuel to get us motivated, if only to find more.” He made an excellent point. “Are you coming?”

 * * *
London Podcast Mystery Series

Cosplay Killer
(book 1)
Ghost Light Killer
(book 2)

Dahlia Donovan wrote her first romance series after a crazy dream about shifters and damsels in distress. She prefers irreverent humour and unconventional characters. An autistic and occasional hermit, her life wouldn’t be complete without her husband and her massive collection of books and video games.

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