LINCOLN Cover Reveal


Title: Lincoln
Series: The Boys of Castleview Cove #1
Author: VH Nicolson
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: July 14, 2022


Love is for suckers.

It’s one of the reasons I’m here in L.A. on the other side of the world from my home in Scotland and the five-star hotel I run with my dad.

I’m sick of watching everyone else’s happy ever afters from the sidelines. I mean, if my own mother left me as a baby, what hope do I have of finding a woman who wants to stick around?

I’ve spent months traveling, surfing and working on my tan, but my need to work led me to take a temporary job in a gym for six weeks before I fly home.

What could possibly change in six weeks?

Apparently quite a lot.

I could meet someone who rocks my world with her killer curves, hypnotic hips and her purple dresses that leave little to the imagination.

She could ask me to take a leap of faith with her I can’t resist taking.

She could get me so hot and bothered I end up in the emergency room.

She could invite me into her home, introduce me to her dog that looks like a walking cloud, and break me out of my self-inflicted sex sabbatical.

She could show me what it feels like to be loved, so I never want to leave.

Violet West walked into my life and changed things forever. It’s just a shame that good things never last.


Lincoln is a steamy standalone, dual point of view, learning to love romantic comedy with a Happy Ever After, with no cliffhangers.
Lincoln is Book 1 in The Boys of Castleview Cove Series.




I push my feelings way down. After all, I was the one who said it could just be fun.
So why does it not feel like that suddenly?
Lincoln’s head falls forward. His mouth finds mine and he kisses me with such gentleness and intimacy.
He tenderly nuzzles into my neck. “You feel like the part of me that’s been missing.” I’m not sure he meant to say that out loud. He’s so quiet.
I suck in a breath and my heart flutters in my chest.
It’s then I realize, deep down within him, the little abandoned boy still lives there.
My real life lost boy. I want to spend every hour with him to keep him safe and heal those broken parts.
His soft lips kiss my neck.
In his strong arms, I feel so adored. So wanted, needed, completely treasured and coveted.
I’ve never before had anyone pay me such special attention.
His lips find mine and we kiss slowly.
He sucks my tongue into his mouth and butterflies dance in my stomach at how much in tune we are with one another.
I thought our intimate encounter would douse the fire that’s been burning between us the past couple of days to get us out of each other’s systems, but it hasn’t. All it’s done is make it burn brighter and hotter.
“I want to lick every part of you, my sweet Petal.” He’s so quiet when he talks, barely a whisper.
My sweet Petal.
My heart just gave out.
“I’ve been desperate to go home to Scotland. Now I don’t want to leave,” he mumbles inaudibly.
“Fate is messing with us.”
“I hate fate. It’s not my friend.” He pulls me closer, engulfing me with his addictive scent.
“It’s not mine either.”
We only have six weeks.


Since writing her first contemporary romance novel over lockdown, Vicki is now completely smitten with writing love stories with happily ever afters. VH Nicolson was born and raised along the breathtaking coastline in North East Fife in Scotland. For more than two decades she’s worked throughout the UK and abroad within the creative marketing and design industry, as a branding strategist and stylist, editor of a magazine and sub-editor of a newspaper. Married to her soul mate, they have one son. She has a weakness for buying too many quirky sparkly jumpers, eating Belgium buns, and walking the endless beaches that surround her beautiful Scottish hometown she’s now moved back to.



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