Surrendered Release Day

Title: Surrendered
Series: She Who Dares #3
Author: LP Lovell
 Release Date: December 29, 2014


I have spent my entire life fighting. Fighting for survival. Fighting my past. Fighting to keep anyone from getting to close. Until him. Theodore Ellis.

He’s my light in the darkness. The only person who makes me truly feel. My most unlikely of saviours. No matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to fight him.

No matter how many blows I rain down on him, he remains, loyal and unmoving. I love him. I need him.

Theo is my vulnerability, the chink in my armour, but he is also my strength. I can’t fight him anymore.

The past only holds as much power as you allow it to. It’s time to tell my story. It’s time to bare my soul, and let Theo in to my dark world. It’s time to take back my power.

Love is a war. She who dares wins.

I’m ready to risk it all. I’m ready to surrender.

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Surrendered is the conclusion of this amazing series. We met Theo and Lily in Besieged and the secrets they both carry. As we moved in to Conquered things got a little out of hand and Lily and Theo well things don't look so black and white. In Surrendered the truth of Lily comes out in the sordid details and why she is what she is. When Lily struggles to see if Theo can look past her past she trys to move past Theo, but he won't let her. Theo fights for what he wants and what he wants is Lily. Can they fight the demons and come out on top? Or will Lily's life be destroyed?

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Author Bio

LP Lovell is an Indie Author from Salisbury, England. She's known for her seriously laid back attitude, sick sense of humour and a general lack of brain to mouth filter. Fuelled by copious amounts of Diet Coke, she likes to create feisty female characters who bring men across the pages to their knees. If she’s not writing then LP can be found riding her horses, or walking her ever present writing companion; Tulula the dog.

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