INHALE Release


Title: Inhale
Series: The Wanderlust Duet #1
Author: Krissy V
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: April 26, 2021


Take a deep breath and inhale...

Finding the love of your life isn’t always easy.

But for Fia and Tyler, they found each other in college.

Their dreams are big, and they waste no time in making those dreams a reality. They want to open their own travel agency.

This is where Wanderlust is born.

They decide to travel the world for three months, get the lay of the land.

Tyler couldn’t be happier. He’s got everything he’s ever wanted.

But Fia is hiding something.

She has secrets she doesn’t want Tyler to know about.

Unfortunately, her past is about to catch up to her.

Their trip of a lifetime leaves their lives hanging in the balance…


$2.99 for a limited time!



All of a sudden the car pulls in front of our jeep and slams its brakes on. I jump on my brakes as we come to a screeching stop. “What the fuck? What an asshole?”

I’m about to get out of the jeep and go and give them a piece of my mind, when a dark, black van pulls up beside our jeep and four men jump out, reach over and pull Fia out of her seat. I jump out and run around the other side of the jeep to grab Fia and stop them from taking her. “What the fuck are you doing?” I shout as I reach out to grab her. “Leave her the fuck alone.” I’m frantic.

“Tyler,” she screams and one of the men smacks her across the face with the butt of the rifle he is holding. I didn’t even notice they are all carrying rifles.

I jump on the first man I find and punch him and pull at his neck. I just want them to let Fia go. The guy turns around and around and then slams me back against the van, winding me as my back hits the van.

Another guy comes out of the car and hits me across the back of my head making me woozy. Then he throws me into the van alongside Fia, who is sobbing. “Tyler,” she shouts as she reaches across to touch me.

The four guys climb in the van and put old sacks over our heads. We both fight against it but when they grab our wrists and put them behind our backs to tie them together, we know that there isn’t any point fighting.

“Fia,” I whisper, “Are you hurt?”

In between sobs she says, “My head hurts, but I’m okay. What about you?”

“I’ll be okay. Where do you think they’re taking us?”

“Stop talking,” a heavily accented voice says. “You will stay quiet until we ask you to speak.”


I'm a USA Today Bestselling author who loves writing. I've released over 30 books under different pen names. I write all shades of romance, from my Chocolate Box Romances which are sweet and contemporary, through to my dark and suspenseful romances.

I write whenever I can and don't know what I would do without being able to write my stories down. I work part-time in a pharmacy and I run an author services business the rest of the week so there's been less time to write. But when I get a chance then I am all in and submerged in the life of my characters.

I love chocolate, wine and reading. And love it when I can do all three together. With two late teens kids, that opportunity doesn't arise that often. Instead I become Mom's Taxi for them.



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